Monday, January 7, 2013

A Year in Review...with before and after pictures.

It's hard to believe that one year ago today, I joined WW for the hundredth time just praying that this time I would stick with it. is time to reflect on this past year and break down my progress and talk about my lessons learned, small victories and upcoming changes.
The first 6 months were the most rewarding for me physically. Those were the months that I lost the most weight and inches. Here is the post I made with my 6 month results.
The last 6 months were the months that I struggled the most, for a variety of reasons. I had a lot of stressful events and changes to my routine to adjust to.
1. It was summertime and the kids were out of school.
2. 3 members of my family moved to new houses, so I helped them all in different ways.
3. We put our house up for sale and within a month got it packed up and then moved into our new house.
4. Had to do a mad rush unpack and beautifying of the new house in 2 weeks to prep for family coming in for my SIL's wedding.
5. Planned and put together a bridal shower for my SIL.
6. Sydney's birthday party.
7. Family in town and staying at my house.
8. The wedding, which I was Matron of Honor
The point where my journey really became a struggle was at the end of July...numbers 3-8 all happened during the month of September and 1st week of October. That month was awful as far as stress levels were concerned. My weight was all over the place. Oh...and, I also failed to mention all of the other daily/weekly things that came into calling responsibilities, kids' school whatever, keeping up with my exercise routine, Mike traveling a lot and just being a mom. I started to get back on track mid October and then through November. At the end of November is when I hit one of the most exciting goals...I finally weighed-in at under 300lbs!!! HUGE day for me!! I was on cloud nine after that for a couple of weeks, and then...Christmas holiday temptations were too strong for me to bear! The last 2 weeks of December and going into the New behavior as far as food is concerned was completely reckless! I decided that I wanted to relax and just enjoy the season and all the yummy stuff it has to offer...which snowballed into me eating everything that I've been missing and then some. I also took a break from exercising. These decisions have resulted in me gaining 11 lbs back. :(  Live and learn, right?
I have to say though...that even though I didn't make much progress visually or on the scale over the past 6 months, I have made a ton of self-discoveries and I have become SO much stronger mentally and physically! And, that, is just as necessary for my growth in order to make it all the way to the end.  And then, know how to maintain it, so I don't have to go through this journey again! Sure...I wish that my total pounds lost was higher than it fact I was expecting it to be much higher, honestly. But, things don't always happen the way we planned, and that's ok. I am still thankful for the progress that I have made. And, I will use everything that I've learned as fuel to rev things up this year!!
So, here are some of my small victories over the past year. These are actually the most motivating for me! There is nothing like being able to do something that I haven't done in a long time! The first big one was being able to ride on a roller coaster that I was too big for a year earlier. Here's the post about that...
Some of the others are: dropping 2 sizes in my shirt and pants...fitting into chairs with arms and not having my hips squeezed to death...wrapping my arms all the way around Mike when I hug him...being able to tie my shoes and not pass out from holding my breath...there are lots of other little things that I can't remember right now. Each of these things was so exciting for me! That is what I notice more than anything.
One Year Anniversary Results
Starting Weight: 374.8   Current weight: 308.4 (I snuck back over 300 *sigh*)  Total Lost: 66.4
**before my few weeks of recklessness I was down to 297 lbs...having a total weight loss of 77.8 lbs. Very frustrated with myself about this, but and learn. I can't beat myself up! I have to suck it up and move on...stronger! Overall...66.4 is still a great number!!
Chest: January 2012: 60"      December 2012: 50"     Total Lost: 10"
Waist: January 2012: 67"      December 2012: 49.5"  Total Lost: 17.5"
Hips:   January 2012: 73"      December 2012: 61"     Total Lost: 12"
Thigh: January 2012: 31.5"   December 2012: 28"     Total Lost: 3.5"
Arm:   January 2012: 23.25" December 2012: 19.75" Total Lost: 3.5"
I only stated one arm and thigh because the other side was roughly the same in inches lost. I have lost over 50" from my whole body, that includes both arms and thighs and my neck!! Pretty darn awesome!! here they are...the before and after pictures!! Again...please be advised, they are not flattering or modest!! The picture above is the January 2012 and the picture below it is from January 2013.
There they are!! I hope you're not too traumatized by these images!! :)  I think it's exciting to see the progress this way. That was always my favorite part when I watched Biggest Loser.
Anyway...this next year, I am trying something new and that is switching from WW to calorie counting. Aimee has set me up with my target number and breakdown of how to eat, which include a few foods that are a must daily. I am also seeing her 3x a week for a higher intensity 30 minute session instead of a 1x a week high intensity session. I am allowing myself 2 days of rest...the 2nd day, possible light workout. This is where I bring in the balance of having a "Do Nothing Day" without kids around. I have to eat totally clean, no sugar, for 5 days consecutive and then the other 2 days I can have 2 cheats meals (one per day). That is where I can satisfy my cravings. :)
So that, my my year in review!! It's been a wild ride, but I am still holding on tight and ready for the next, HANG ON!!


heidi said...

Woman, you are A-mazing!! The before and after pictures are inspiring. You see the numbers but sometimes it doesn't really compute until you see the visual. I think the next stage in your progress will be even more amazing and awe inspiring than this first stage (year) has been. Shaking up your routine is a good thing. and allowing yourself cheats will help lighten your load, no pun intended, and reduce stress. You got this!!!

Ruth Whittacre said...

ya what Heidi said!

Kathryn Grant said...

You are amazing Jill!! You are so dedicated and self-disciplined!! Your before and after pictures are very inspiring like Heidi said! Way to go Jill!! You are awesome!!

Michele A said...

W.O.W!! It's like looking at the incredible shrinking woman. What a blessing to have you as my family. How do you keep going? It's so easy to get discouraged!