Friday, November 21, 2014

A Whole New World.

Sometimes you go through years in your life where you're content. You're happy. You're not looking for change. Things are good. Things are comfortable. Things are managing how they should be.
Then one day, you get thrown a curve ball, and a whole new world opens up. A world that wasn't totally unknown, but it just wasn't in the cards at that moment to visit.
Mike and I have always toyed with the idea of moving. We even went as far as meeting with a realtor and talking with team members from the Houston, Texas area a few years back. But, it just didn't feel right at the time. We knew we wanted a change and we wanted our kids to be near cousins. So, that left either Kansas City or Houston as options. We chose to explore Houston. In our minds it made sense, but after a few visits to the area and many conversations with the Houston Microsoft just didn't feel right. I never really had much of a pull to explore Kansas City because I lived there as a kid and I wanted to look into someplace different. So, after our attempt to relocate to Texas and not getting the vibe to do so, we put our desires of moving on the back burner. I ended up convincing myself that Las Vegas was my home and I am happy there. I am always hesitant to leave my comfort zone anyway, especially if there is an unsettling feeling in my stomach. That is why I decided I would be in Las Vegas forever.
One thing that made our move to Missouri actually happen, was the fact that I never really had an uneasy feeling. Sure I had nerves and worries, but that is given with such a big change...especially one that involves more than just myself. The main concern I had was, changing the dynamic of the family that already lives in Missouri. I have always been close with them even though we've lived so far apart. I knew they had their own routines so with us moving back...I wondered if that would be ok.
I have weird insecurities sometimes. I'll feel like a third wheel or like I am imposing or intruding...and that is with anything I do, anywhere I go or anyone I'm with. I'll always question, "Do they want me here?" "Am I interrupting something?" "Are they thinking, 'I wish she would just go away.'" I don't know why I feel this way...I just do. Always have.
So, because of these insecurities, I was really worried about bringing our family into a place that has been without our presence for so long. How will that settle with everyone? But...let me just tell you, it has felt so natural to be back here in Missouri. We have settled right in with open arms and big smiles. Sometimes I'll even think, "Why didn't we do this sooner??"
I can't believe how much I love it back here. Of course I miss my family and friends back in Vegas a lot and the familiarity and comfort from living there for so long. But, being back here, I feel like a little kid almost, experiencing things for the first time.
It's like a place that I've always dreamed of living, but never thought I'd really want to or be able to handle after living in a big city for so long.
It's the little things that I am enjoying like *the leaves falling from trees *seeing squirrels everywhere *having a cozy fireplace to look at all day when it's cold outside *enjoying cooking at home more because there aren't that many other options *letting Josie outside into our big backyard to explore then having to hose her down afterward *living in a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone *having lots of big windows to be able to see all the beauty around and watch the icky weather from inside a warm, comfy home *having the kids' schools on the same block *having the bus stop at the end of our driveway *the teachers sending weekly emails with the following week's agenda *driving streets with beautiful trees and land all around *all the gorgeous woodwork in every home *how different all the houses look from each other...and the list just goes on and on.
It's all just so different from the hustle bustle of Las Vegas. Everything is much more easy going and slower paced here. It's a really nice change.
It's so great to be around the family that I have lived away from for so long! The kids are having a blast with each other and are getting used to each others personalities and quirks and boundaries. I have been able to reconnect with my family and have really enjoyed seeing how similar our personalities are and how fun they are to be around.
I am really looking forward to that first snowfall!! All these years, I have hated the winter and Christmas season in Las Vegas. I have always wanted a white Christmas, to feel the cold, see all the festive lights and holiday d├ęcor, drink hot chocolate (for a good reason). I am so glad that we moved when we did because fall is actually my favorite season and Missouri did not disappoint. I was able to see and feel all the things that I love about fall too.
It's a whole new world for me here. I am so thankful that things happen in life the way that they do in order for us to be where we need to be.
Here are some pictures of some of the things we've done since we've been here.

Fun times with cousins...
Sydney and Marissa sleepover in their fort

Brett, Colby and Jamison playing football at Jacque's farm

 Desirae pestering Colby (he secretly loved it ;) )

Marissa and Alliyah (sister love)

The boys goofing off

Marissa and Sydney having fun swinging at a friends farm
Time for our hayride and farm fun...

We went around a 100 acre property on this hayride
 Entertainment time...
Tamara and Jacque had front row seats
 Mike and I snuggling close with our hot chocolate (my hot chocolate, actually)
Horse loving time...


We were also enjoying getting close to all the horses after the hayride
 Jacque's farm
The kids get to help out at the farm every now and then. Great experience for them.
It's nice to live in a place that has so much more to do outside for the kids...and Mike and I too. I'm looking forward to the spring as well to get Sydney more involved with the horses. And Mike and I will be able to tackle our overgrown backyard and turn it into someplace more fun to play in.
There is still a lot to do in our house to personalize it more, but I'm excited for the challenges and new experiences. :) :)